Have you ever wondered how an Indian politician, when caught by the law and is sent to jail, suddenly develops chest pain? Of course you have! Who in the sane mind hasn't?

Our politicians, who have otherwise all the strength to get someone killed or kidnapped, lead a rally, or attend party conventions, campaign in severe weather conditions, suddenly become a heart patient the moment their corrupt behind is dragged to a prison cell.

Without any prior cardiac issue, they overnight become a 'oh-my-heart, damned those "44-inch seena" weakling while convincing the administration to shift them immediately to a much-better, air-conditioned VIP room in a tax-payer-funded hospital where they could cool their heels until they figure out a better way to avoid being dragged back to the dark dungeons of the penal complexes.

The story has been repeated thousands of times in the last 60-some years in our country. The disease, known as 'Imprisoned Man's Chest' (with apologies to Johnny Depp), is pervasive in all parties and in politicians of all stripes.

The latest politician to be inflicted by the "Imprisoned Man's Chest' disease is none other than our favorite Janata Dal – U legislator from Bhojpur Mr. Sunil Pandey.

As reported, Mr. Pandey, who was arrested last week for his involvement in the bomb explosion in Ara court last January that led to the escape of two of his goons from judicial custody, complained of pain in his chest on Tuesday evening and was rushed to the Sadar Hospital in Ara where he was being treated by the doctors.

Admitting Mr. Pandey's condition was normal - yes, NORMAL - Civil Surgeon Dr. S. K. Aman said a special medical team had been formed to ensure the MLA was getting the best care in the hospital.

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A criminal with several murders, abductions, robberies, intimidation under his belt, we should all pray for his quick recovery so he could continue to be a 'productive citizen' of our state. After all, what will happen to our house of legislature if Mr. Pandey could not make his valuable contributions?

Or maybe, just maybe, it could be that he does not plan to get well for an indeterminate amount of time. Anyone want to guess why?