Here is an advice for Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi – please don't quit your day job. You make a horrible politician! It's just that simple.

Wait, Mr. Gandhi doesn't have a day job like us mere mortals. He was born on the third base with a silver spoon in his mouth but apparently, he thinks he hit a triple.

With a history of making gaffes (India is, you know, bigger than Europe and the United States put together) and creating head-scratching metaphors (If India is a computer, then Congress is its default program), the crown prince of India's Grand Old Party – the man who is expected to carry the baton of India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (his great grandfather), and Mrs. Indira Gandhi (his grandmother) – not to mention his own father – Mr. Rajiv Gandhi – at a campaign rally in Bihar on October 7, dropped the biggest bombshell on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) revealing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his recent 5-day long visit to the USA, changed his dress for a total of 16 times!

Yes, really, it's true! He actually said that. Source.

"He will wear one suit, then another, then yellow clothes, then green, then blue, then pink... During his recent US visit, Modi was seen in 16 dresses on different occasions. Have you ever seen Nitish-ji (Chief Minister Nitish Kumar) in any other colour but white?" the man, who may one day be the Prime Minister of India, said with a sense of pride for unloading this bit of trivia on his constituents that is supposed to damage Mr. Modi's reputation the same way the revelation of Bill Clinton's shenanigans with Monica Lewinski was supposed to damage his presidency!

Let's call this scandal (changing dress 16 times) the DressGate. Yes, you heard it here first, the DressGate. Very creative, huh?

Question! Was it Mr. Gandhi who was actually keeping tab on Modi's dress in the US or was it one of his interns who was actually being paid to count the number of times the Prime Minister changed his dress in America? How about his shoes? Did anyone count how many times he changed his shoes? What about his underwear? I mean who doesn't want to know if Mr. Modi changed his underwear or if he was wearing the same one for his entire duration in the US?

Mr. Gandhi, who also has a long history of going into prolonged hiding (read foreign nations) during a pressing event in India like a vote in the Parliament or during the Nirbhaya rape/murder case, also chided Modi for hobnobbing with industrialists and CEOs of international companies like the FaceBook and Apple while ignoring the plights of the farmers.

"I have never seen a photograph in which Mr. Modi is seen with a farmer, a labourer or an unemployed young man," he informed (Same source as above).

Meanwhile, NDTV reported on Wednesday that Congress workers in Karnataka chopped off crops right before the harvest to make room for Rahul Gandhi's rally to be held this Saturday.

The area equivalent to three football fields in Ranibennur in Central Karnataka where Mr. Gandhi is to address a crowd, were cleared by destroying maize crop, reports said. Source.

When asked, a Congress leader said the farmer who owned the land and the crop willingly cleared up his land because he happens to be a Gandhi supporter.

Sure, whatever you say, sir! We believe you (wink wink).