Now that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has taken the unilateral decision to ban consumption and sale of alcohol in Bihar, a promise he made earlier to appease the women vote bank despite the loss of over Rs. 5,000 crore (by some estimate) to the state exchequer in various form of taxes, it is time for this 'Man with a Plan' to introduce a few more bans to level the field for all.

Nitish Kumar should release a list of things for the citizens of Bihar what he expects them to eat, drink, drive, or do.

To get him started, here is a list of a dozen other things that our beloved Chief Minister should ban without consulting with experts because we all know he is an expert on all topics and doesn't need the help of those who have actually spent years in researching a particular topic:

  1. Automobiles – it kills thousands of people on Bihar roads each year. According to some estimates, an average of 20 people is killed in road accidents in Bihar each day. That is about 600 deaths per month and over 7,200 deaths per year. Time to stop this madness.
  2. Motorcycles – see above.
  3. Cigarettes and Bidis – cause cancer and kill millions each year. Time to put a lid on it.
  4. Chewing tobacco/gutkha – Ban imposed but utterly failed.
  5. Fatty food of any kind – causes health issues. Only boiled foods should be allowed. Ghee, cooking oil should be banned without delay.
  6. Guns – should be made illegal for all, including for the police. Kills too many people statewide.
  7. Boats plying – kills innocent people each year during flood time in Bihar.
  8. Electricity – causes fire due to short circuit leading to death of innocent.
  9. Private schools – causes inferiority complex among those attending government schools
  10. Exams, tests, and interviews – punishes people with low intelligence. Not fair to them. Irrespective of one's knowledge or education, everyone should be allowed to be doctors, engineers etc.
  11. Social Media – Creates social divide. Besides, it can act against the government by highlighting its failure. This should not be tolerated by the government.
  12. Private businesses – exploit employees; should be banned. Everything should be run by the government.

Of course this list is not exhaustive by any means so feel free to add your suggestion in the comment box below. Until every aspect of our life is controlled by the government, which is from cradle to grave, what's the point of even having a government?