US President Donald Trump has found his match across the big pond thousands of miles away at India's capital city of Delhi. Mr. Trump, meet Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Both are constant whiners and proponents of wild conspiracy theories. Trump whined about losing to Hillary Clinton in popular votes by nearly 4 million votes saying that many illegal aliens voted for the former First Lady. When asked to provide evidence, he basically said he doesn't have to. We should just take his words!

Then he groaned and moaned about the size of crowd during his inaugural ceremony saying the media was lying when it said that the crowd was nowhere any close to the size of the crowd during Barack Obama's first inaugural. Again, he refused to offer any proof.

There are many examples of this man-child President of the US of making allegations without any evidence. He told his fellow party member and also a Presidential candidate Ted Cruz that his father was involved in the assassination of former US President John F Kennedy. Yes, that's what he did!

He also famously once said that his 'investigators' were searching for Obama's birth certificate in Hawaii. Turns out after nearly nine years, they are still searching for any evidence the 44th President was born in Kenya and not in Hawaii! Wouldn't you love to be one of those 'investigators' who spend their entire life in a paradise like Hawaii searching for something that never existed in the first place? All expenses paid?

However, the Orange businessman who needed Russia to help him beat Hillary Clinton, outdid himself with his penchant for conspiracy theories when he tweeted that Obama had ordered a wiretap on his Trump Tower to derail his campaign.

Again, when asked to prove the allegation, he sent his imaginary 'investigators' on a wild goose chase who have yet to come up with any evidence that, in all likelihood, do not exist in the first place.

Meet Arvind Kejriwal, a man who has concocted more conspiracy theories in his brief political life than any other politician in the modern history of India.

Like Trump's baseless, eye-roll-worthy allegations, Kejriwal earlier accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of taking a bribe of Rs. 25 crore from the Aditya Birla Group when the latter was serving Gujarat as its Chief Minister.

Again, like Trump, no evidence required!

The Chief Minister of Delhi (sorry Delhi'ites, we feel for you), also alleged that BJP leaders and their industrialist friends knew about the demonetization move before the announcement on November 8 allowing them to invest their ill-gotten money in land purchases and other money-laundering schemes.

Again, like Trump, no evidence required!

The man with a flair for drama also accused senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkari of massive corruption without ever providing a scintilla of evidence.

As if that was not enough, Kejriwal recently went on a tirade saying his life was in danger and he might be killed by the BJP goons. When asked to provide evidence of his paranoia, the Delhi CM went silent!

Now, four days after his party's humiliating defeat in Punjab where Congress won the majority seats with 77, followed by Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (20), and SAD alliance (18), the drama queen is blaming the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) for his party's poor show in the state.

Unable to grasp reality, a word obviously foreign to the AAP chief, Kejriwal blamed the EVMs for his party's debacle in Punjab saying about 20 to 25 percent of AAP votes were transferred to SAD and its ally BJP.

"All the exit polls were showing we were winning and were going to form the next government in Punjab so what went wrong? The only answer is that votes that were to be registered for AAP were somehow transferred to SAD due to manipulation with the electronic voting machines," the Alex Jones of India said.

If Kejriwal's logic was true (one can't lose an election if the exit polls were saying otherwise and if one still loses then EVMs must have been tampered) then obviously, the NDA should have won in Bihar in 2015 Assembly elections when most exit polls were giving clear, uncontested edge to the BJP and its allies. Remember the election result night when NDTV declared a clear victory for the NDA only to retract their words a few hours later?

Darn it! And here I thought that Nitish had formed the government with the RJD and Congress fair and square! I did not know that Nitish-Lalu had fixed the voting machines in their favor. That must be the only explanation why NDA lost in Bihar when all exit polls were saying it would form the new government in the state. Poor Sushil Modi! He should be sitting in the Chief Minister's chair instead of Nitish Kumar - according to Mr. Kejriwal.