Mani Shankar Aiyar, known for his political hackery with his lifelong history of surviving on the bones thrown at him by his political masters, i.e., the Gandhi family, finally crossed the line that put his leaders in a corner leaving them with no choice but to suspend him from the primary membership of the Congress Party.

Couldn't have happened to a better person.

This man, who was born with a chronic foot in the mouth disease, to prove to his masters that no one was a bigger and loyal suck-up to the Gandhi family than he, called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a 'Neech', or a lower caste person (remember Modi was a 'chai-walla'?) who has essentially forgotten his 'aukat'.

In a widely condemned message to an audience of one (Sri Sri 108 Rahul Gandhi Ji Maharaj) our 'oonch kism ka aadmi' Aiyar Sir said, "Narendra Modi is a 'neech kism ka aadmi'.

Realizing the blowback to the party in view of the highly-publicized Gujarat Assembly elections, Congress leaders moved swiftly by first condemning Aiyar's statement and then suspending him from the party.

The crown prince of the Grand Old Party himself condemned Aiyar's 'well-thought-out' statement and demanded from him to issue an apology to the Prime Minister.

Afraid to raise the ire of his master, Aiyar, like a professional spinmeister that he is, said that it was because of his poor understanding of the Hindi language that he used the word 'neech' adding he was "sorry" if he'd inadvertently offended the Prime Minister.

The non-apology apology began with "I am a freelance Congressi, I hold no post in the party, so I can reply to PM in his language." But when that only added fuel to the fire, the man who represented the Mayiladuthurai constituency in Tamil Nadu in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections only to finish fourth and lose his deposit, said the following:

"I am told that 'neech' has many meanings, many connotations in Hindi, and if Mr. Modi chooses to distort it to claim that it means low born, then all I can do is to apologize for having used a word that could be interpreted as low born. But that was not my intention at all and certainly not a part of my culture," he told the reporters.

"I am told…?" Who told you? Are you an Indian? Are you saying you don't understand Hindi? If yes, then you have no business commenting about anyone in Hindi. Stick to the language you know and speak. I have read many of your tirades on NDTV and have come to the conclusion that the only language you know is the language of a world-class sycophant. And you are undoubtedly very good at it. I have yet to come across a bigger 'chamcha' than you in the Indian politics. JD-U's Sanjay Singh and Neeraj Kumar come very close but you take the cake!

Remember, this is the same man that right before the last Lok Sabha elections said that Narendra Modi could never become the Prime Minister of India, but he was qualified enough to sell tea at the All India Congress Committee meetings.

But if the people think that the Congress did the right thing by asking Aiyar to apologize to the PM and then later by suspending him, then they should think again.

What could have been a simple move by the Congress that could have possibly helped the party in the Gujarat elections, its spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, once again trying hard to impress his employers at the AICC, spoiled the very essence of the apology when he tried to put a political twist on it.

"This shows the Congress party's Gandhian leadership and respect for rival political parties. The Congress has issued a show-cause notice to Mani Shankar Aiyar and suspended him from primary membership of the party. Will Modi ji ever show this kind of courage?" this 'neech', a Jat (OBC), said in a tweet.

Lesson for you, Surjewala-ji – Never use a conditional clause like 'if' in an apology. NEVER! And never try to capitalize on an apology. Just let it be! While Aiyar's apology was far from perfect, you made it even worse by giving it a second layer of political spin! With the party bubbling with idiots like you and Aiyar, no wonder Congress is in tatters.