These five words (The Government is Committed to) should be banned from the usage by any Indian politicians, more so by Bihari politicians like Nitish Kumar, Sushil Kumar Modi, other 'netas', and their minions.

The truth is, after decades of abuse, this phrase has lost its sheen and does not mean anything. It is also designed to fool people, and is just a way to weasel out of making a real promise without bearing the risk of being held responsible for it in future.

"Our government is committed to improve education in Bihar". "Our government is committed to improve health care in Bihar". "Our government is committed to improve employment situation in Bihar". "Our government is committed to eradicate dowry system in Bihar". "Our government is committed to improve law and order in Bihar". "Our government is committed to empower the women of Bihar". "Our government is committed to improve the condition of farmers in Bihar"… blah blah blah!

We get it, Mr. Chief Minister, that you are very committed to everything. Nothing wrong with that except for a teensy-weensy technicality – you don't do anything about them; you just keep repeating it like a trained parrot.

For 12 long years you have declared your 'commitment' to everything under the sun but besides banning alcohol, which, by the way, was not the part of your original commitments in the early years of your 'raj'; and holding rallies and yatras, your success in terms of economic development in Bihar still remains grim compared to 'your commitments'.

Suggestion for you – forget your maniacal obsession with social engineering. Social engineering like ban on alcohol or introduction of uniforms in schools don't do crap, pardon my French. Most people know you have given up on real and tangible development and so in order to hide your failures, you go on tangents like prohibition, dowry system, child marriage, school uniform, sanitary napkins for girls and other similar social issues that, though certainly good causes and worth taking up, do absolutely nothing to improve economic situation of Bihar. They do not generate employment and definitely don't bring revenue to the state that is required to improve the infrastructure in the state. And when there is no infrastructure, there is no investment.

Take this for example - on February 1, 2018, you inaugurated the national Khadi Fair in Patna. Fine, I don't have any problem with that except for the fact that you keep organizing such 'melas' (Saras Mela, Vasant Mela, Mahila Udyog Mela, Hast Shilp Mela, etc. on a regular basis to avoid talking about the real issues facing Bihar and to cover up your failures. Your modus operandi is obvious to all except to your die-hard sycophants - "keep people occupied in these useless things so no one talks about your success, or the lack thereof, in areas of job creation, health care, education, law and order, and investment."

In your inaugural speech at the Khadi Fair in Patna, you once again expressed your 'commitment' to promote Khadi nationwide and urged people to wear dresses made of Khadi at least once or twice a week. Yet another example of 'social engineering' that you hold so dear to your heart. Why do you care about what people wear, eat, drink, watch, or do in their spare times? Why such obsession with controlling mind, body, and soul of a human being? And who or what gives you the right to tell people how to live their lives?

I say drop this fixation with controlling human behavior and concentrate only on creating jobs, inviting investment, making sure education in Bihar is second to none and healthcare is comparable to big cities of India. That's all you have to worry about; nothing else! Is that really too much to ask from you? Leave people of Bihar alone and just do your REAL job, not the ones that falsely gives the impression that Bihar is the land of milk and honey under your 'raj'.

If this is too much for you, I say resign immediately and let someone else run the show who has some clue on how to generate employment, improve infrastructure, and bring real academic and healthcare changes in Bihar's schools, colleges and hospitals and someone who just not repeats the word 'commitment' as if it was some sort of magic wand. You obviously are not fit for the job.