Now that the dust has settled after a series of arrest made in recent ‘Board Topper Scam’ in Bihar, it is time to understand what present education has to offer to humankind.

In past, education was a key to unlock the divine side of human. The approach was simple - education was provided to transform and develop the characters. That was the reason educated people were respected across all the tangible and intangible boundaries. This very purpose of education got altered in the modern rat race and it became a mere tool of livelihood.

At present, education is nothing but a path of attaining a secure, stable job. Education is more often than not is quantified in terms of the placement packages one gets! Parents take immense pride in those numbers and flash it like badge of their status. When the destination is money, it is more likely that righteousness or ethics will evaporate. When a student is nurtured in a way that you need to qualify in any particular test just because it will secure your future, one is bound to get tempted to do all possible for qualifying the exam.

Similar things happened in case of ‘Bihar board topper scam’. Parents did magic. They too wanted to feel proud of themselves. Children were toys and that’s what they have been since long - tool to fulfill their unfulfilled ambitions. Hope you would have seen the drama and high ideological talks of the (fake) toppers’ parents in front of media. The viscous circle has been created. Everybody is falling in trap; children find education as a way to secure their future and parents exploiting them for their source of pride. How can one see anything wrong in wrong deeds to reach at top when the very same education is teaching the same philosophy - attaining more marks is a way to go, by hook or by crook?

Parents must act like a gate through which children came. Attaching themselves with their wards’ success, all they are doing is poisoning their roots. Each individual should be given credit for his own intelligence. Education should be a path to know own potential and reveal them to world. After all, the very word education, in its Latin roots, means to draw out. Till the time education is measured in terms of securing jobs, name will change but not the crimes! At present, education is lost within pages and just producing mechanical human.

“Information is not intelligence”.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Dr. Siddharth Suman is a freelancer writing especially on societal issues, science, and education in both Hindi and English for various online media houses. In addition, he loves to write poetry and short story for the expression of personal emotions and thoughts. His poetry book titled 'Evaporating Soul — between love and life' may be read at Kindle.