Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has repackaged the entire Swadeshi Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi into what is now being touted as ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’, on Wednesday said that in order to gain its place in the ‘New World Order’, India will have to become completely self-reliant.

“We are at a turning point and can emerge as a leading nation in the new world order,” he said while touting of India’s success in combating COVID-19.

"Many people felt that if India cannot manage the pandemic, the world is doomed. In spite of all odds against us, we overcame the crisis," the PM said adding India has to be self-reliant if it wishes to solidify its place in the emerging new world order post Coronavirus.

This much-hyped talked about the so-called New World Order is facing criticism from some Modi detractors who say the term is used by the Prime Minister and his acolytes to distract people from the failure of the NDA government that has been heavily relying on one deliberately-designed controversy after another to govern without having much clue about real governance of a nation with nearly 1.5 billion people.

When asked to clarify what the party means by the New World Order, BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav said it would be led by India, USA, Germany and maybe a few other countries but there won’t be any room for China in it.