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1. Do I need to register if I wish to comment on any article on PatnaDaily.Com? What are the rules for participating in discussions?

No, you do not need to register for accessing PatnaDaily.Com. However, if you wish to participate in the comment section of the web site, you must login with your Disqus, Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Yahoo account. Most people already have one of these accounts so you can use them to post comments.

In case you don't have any of these accounts, just sign up with Disqus (go to the commenting section on any news article to sign up) and you are good to go.

Also, please follow the rules of participating in discussion on any article on PatnaDaily.Com. Some common sense rules are:

    • No obscenity allowed. Even one violation will get you banned from posting.
    • You may not create multiple identities under different names. We check your IP address. Multiple addresses would result in immediate termination of your membership from PatnaDaily forums.
    • Passionate discussion is encouraged as long as you keep them civil. Once again, abusive language or threats will result in the termination of your membership.
    • Once you are terminated, you will not be reinstated unless you, in a separate email to PatnaDaily.Com, convince us that unacceptable behavior on your part will not take place again. Reinstatement of your membership is entirely up to us (PatnaDaily.Com) and we will not provide you the reason for our decision to ban you for life.
    • Stay on the topic; off topic comments will be deleted entirely at our descretion and we will, under no circumstances, would be required to provide you an explanation.

If you use abusive language, your comment will either not appear on the site or it will be deleted by one of the moderators so please be civil and respective to each other.

2. Can I send articles to PatnaDaily.Com?

Sure you can! The only requirement we have is that you must provide your real name and e-mail address.

Keep the article simple, short, and precise. Mere ranting and rambling does not make up for a good article. On an average, your article should not be more than 650 words. We do make exceptions in some cases.

We reserve the right to reject any article without having to provide any explanation.

Other things to consider: please don't send articles written in "Hindi" while using English (Roman) letters. It makes it extremely difficult to read and decipher it. Also, please don't use all CAPS. THIS MAKES READING QUITE A TIRING JOB, not to mention it is equivalent to shouting on the Internet.

Read more about rules regarding sending articles to PatnaDaily here.

3. Do we get paid for sending articles?

Unfortunately, no. Only full time PD employees get paid. Our dozen or so guest contributors do so out of their love and passion for their city and the state and do not get paid in any form. 

4. I am interested in getting a job at PatnaDaily.Com. What do I need to do?

Your are free to fill out the contact form expressing your interest in working with PatnaDaily.Com. If and when there is a suitable opening, we will contact you either by e-mail or phone to discuss the matter with you. Please note that PatnaDaily.Com does not send confirmation replies to job seekers.

5. I have sent many articles to you but you have not published them. What gives?

There could be many reasons for that: the article was poorly written; the article suggested communal hatred or violence; the article was written in Hindi using Roman letters; your article was way too long or way too short, name and e-mail address were missing; the article was in all CAPS, or a myriad of other reasons. If you think your article did not fell within one of the above reasons, please give it some more time. It will eventually make it to the Web. However, please don't expect instant result.

6. I want information on Bihar schools/colleges/coaching institutes, their admission requirements, their phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses, government officials' name, addresses, e-mail addresses or phone numbers, info about Sudha Dairy, etc. Can you provide us the information?

Unfortunately due to lack of resources and time, we cannot find information for you. Please do not ask us to find out information that you can find out for yourself if you spent some time on the Search Engines like Google or by calling one of your relatives or friends in Patna. Also, please realize we do not have anything to do with Sudha Dairy. We don't own it or have details about it. If you need information about it, please contact the proper authorities.

7. Can I send pictures of Patna or Bihar to be included on PatnaDaily.Com?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to send relevant pictures to PatnaDaily.Com. If we publish them, we will give proper credit to you with the pictures. Just make sure the pictures you send are in either BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG or PSD format. Try to keep the file size less than 250k so we could resize them as needed. PatnaDaily.Com, however, retains the right to reject or publish the pictures as it deems proper. Send your pictures at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

8. I have just started a business or Web site and I want you to review it and put comments on PatnaDaily.Com.

Sorry, we don't and can't do that. Unless the link of your Web site is consistent with the overall goal of PatnaDaily.Com or somehow enhances the value of this Web site, we do not include links or free ads of businesses. If you wish, you may contact us for putting an ad of your business on PatnaDaily.Com.

9. I maintain my own blog. Can you provide a link to it?

Sorry, we cannot do so. We get numerous such requests and if we allowed one, we would have to allow others as well.

As a rule, PatnaDaily.Com removes any reference to a personal blog in articles sent to us by our readers. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. PatnaDaily.Com will be the final judge to decide whether a reference to a personal blog should be included in an article or not.

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