Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, at the weekly Lok Samvad meeting at his residence on Monday expressed his faith in the Central government saying he was confident Prime Minister Narendra Modi would come through in providing adequate financial help for the development of Bihar.

"I have met with the officials of various departments and reviewed different projects undertaken by them. Soon we will meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss issues that are important for the development of the state. I am confident we will get the help that we deserve," Kumar said.

Kumar said that he had already held talks with the Prime Minister on many of the issues concerning Bihar but due to the historical flood in the state, things got a bit sidetracked.

Unlike previous Nitish Kumar who never missed an opportunity to lambast Prime Minister Modi even when he did not deserve criticism, the new Nitish Kumar under the NDA fold said that it was very generous of the Prime Minister to come to Bihar and survey flood-hit areas and announce a package of Rs. 500-crore for the victims of the flood.

"This Rs. 500-crore flood relief aid is only the beginning; more is yet to come in the coming days," he said.

Elaborating on the relief work going on in the north Bihar, Kumar said that the state government has paid Rs. 6,000 each to 4.92 lakh families of the flood victims that would allow them to buy food and essential items for about a month.

"Payment is still being made to other flood victims. Once the water recedes, we will evaluate the scope of the damage and based on the report, we will distribute money accordingly to the flood survivors," the Chief Minister said.

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