Patna: Reacting to Shatrughan Sinha's jab at his party's disastrous result in the Rajasthan special election, singer-turned-politician and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Babul Supriyo on Saturday fired back at the actor-turned-politician saying it was about time Sinha gave 'triple talaq' to BJP, a party that he hates so much.

"I will ask Shatrughan Sinha if he hates the BJP so much, why doesn't he give 'triple talaq' to the party? Why do you come to the Parliament and create a situation when your own party members are forced to say 'khamosh' (silent) to you? Give 'triple talaq' and leave the BJP," Supriyo said.

Earlier, following the defeat of the BJP in Rajasthan special elections, Sinha had tweeted that Rajasthan had become the 'first state to give triple talaq' to the bJP.

"Breaking news with record-breaking disastrous results for ruling party - Rajasthan becomes first state to give BJP triple talaq. Ajmer: Talaq, Alwar: Talaq, Mandalgarh: Talaq. Our opponents winning the elections with record margins, giving our party a jolt," the MP from Patna Saheb who is at odds with his own party since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014, had tweeted.

Sinha also urged his party members to 'do introspection, shed arrogance, and wake up'. Last week he also joined Rashtra Manch, a 'non-political' forum launched by fellow disgruntled BJP leader and former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha to discuss pressing issues faced by the nation.

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