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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who has emerged as the mascot for his alma mater Bihar College of Engineering (BCE), now known as the National Institute of Technology (NIT) during its annual alumni meet, on Sunday said that the NIT would soon have its own campus in Bihta spread over 125 acres of land.

{gallery}newsimages2018/feb/020418{/gallery}Without providing a timeframe for this proposed move, Kumar said that the Center has already allotted Rs. 500 crore for the purpose and he was going to ask the central government to give more so it could become one of the most sought-after engineering college in the nation.

As each year, Kumar recalled his days at the college and mingled with old graduates while also honoring a number of former students on the occasion.

He also urged the current batch of students to think about a permanent solution to the annual flooding in Bihar saying the college students and the government must work in tandem to deal with flooding and other natural disasters in the state.

Reports, however, say that experts from all over the world have offered to free Bihar of its annual flooding problem but due to government's apathy and a lack of genuine desire to solve the problem once and for all coupled with extreme red tape has resulted in no action in this regard despite loss of lives and properties to the tune of several crore rupees each year.

"NIT students should study rivers in Bihar to collect data that would go a long way in protecting the environment and ecology. It is important to maintain the continuous flow of the rivers to avoid build-up of silt that usually result in disasters," Kumar said.

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