Patna: More than a hundred students were caught cheating on the first day of the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) exam and were kicked out of the test centers at 1384 centers across the state.

With past exams still fresh in mind as Bihar became the butt of the joke a few years ago thanks to the viral image of people crawling school walls like lizards to pass cheat sheet to their friends and wards and the legend of Ruby Rai, the political science student who confused it with home science, massive security arrangement was seen across the state as teachers and law enforcement officials showed their determination to keep exams free from unfair means.

Despite all efforts, miscreants in Nawada, within minutes of Biology question paper being distributed, released it on Whatsapp and other instant messaging services. Authorities scrambled to stop the message from going viral but by then it was too late and students had already completed and submitted their test papers.

Patna DM Kumar Ravi at Bankipore Girls High School in Patna on Tuesday.

Students coming out of the test centers admitted the Biology question paper was exactly as leaked but officials denied it was a leak and instead chose to define it as 'paper going viral'.

An investigation has been launched to find out who was responsible for today's incident.

In Patna, only one person was ejected from the examination hall after being caught with cheats. Saran led with 15 ejections followed by Gaya at 14.

At most places, local law enforcement officials kept a close eye on the students as did the surveillance video cameras that recorded all activities both inside and outside of the test centers keeping the candidates on their toes.

Officials were seen frisking students at the entrance gates for cheat sheets, cell phones, Bluetooth devices etc. and those who were found to be in possession of any of these items were let go with a warning after banned items were confiscated from them.

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