Patna: Emboldened criminals in Patna under Digha police station on Saturday rained bullets on a businessman killing him on the spot while sending a wave of panic among other businessmen in the state capital.

Ram Bachchan Rai, a building construction material trader, was gunned down on Saturday afternoon around 3:30 pm in Digha when he was going somewhere on his motorcycle. Four criminals on motorcycles forced him to pull over and pumped 8-10 bullets in his head.

An empty cartridge shell recovered from the crime scene and the victim.

Rai died on the spot. His body was sent to the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) for an autopsy.

Police believe the victim's neighbor Nakata Rai behind the broad daylight murder of the businessman.

According to the police report, Ram Bachchan Rai had a row with Nakata Rai on the day of Holi few days ago. That led to the imprisonment of Nakata Rai. His sons, however, threatened Ram Bachchan Rai of dire consequences saying he will 'pay the price' within ten days for sending their father to jail.

The incident has led to a tense situation in the area where large number of policemen were deployed to monitor all activities. Angry residents blocked the road and burnt tires demanding immediate arrests of the killers.

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