Patna: A police constable in Patna on early Tuesday morning shot and killed the 22-year old son of one of his colleagues and relatives as the victim slept in a room in a flat on the first floor of the two-storied police quarters within Patna police line campus.

The victim was the brother of Rajendra Singh, a colleague and brother-in-law of the gunman who was identified as Dilip Singh, a police van driver deputed at Agam Kuam police station.

Victim Deepak Singh

According to the report, Dilip, who is said to have a history of mental illness, woke up on Tuesday morning and then walked to the second floor flat

where his sister lived with her husband Rajendra Singh, his brother Deepak Singh, and their mother.

Once inside the flat, Dilip asked his sister to make some tea. Around 6:45 am, while his sister was in the kitchen, Dilip walked down the flat on the ground floor where Deepak was sleeping in a room. Using his government-provided SLR, he shot Deepak once in one of his eyes killing him instantly.

When the family members heard the gunshot, they rushed to Dipak's room only to find his dead with his body covered in blood. Dilip was still waving his rifle and fired several rounds in the air though no one was hurt in the firing.

It was after much effort several policemen in the vicinity together were able to overpower Dilip and were able to snatch the rifle from his hand.

Family members said Dilip's teenager son had died under mysterious circumstances a few years ago.

Authorities are investigating the case.

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