Patna: Continuing to be obsessed with changing the optics rather than actually try to improve the standard of education in schools and colleges in Bihar, the new Governor or Bihar Lalji Tandon on Monday issued a diktat directing all universities in the state to dump the traditional black gown and mortar board during convocations and instead, adopt a 'more Indian' dress that includes a Kurta and a turban.

In an attempt to get rid of the graduation legacy left by the British, the Governor suggested wearing a heavily-embroidered kurta, pajama, 'bandi', or jacket, an 'angvastram', or a long scarf, and a turban at all college convocations beginning next academic calendar.

The Governor's order affects graduating students along with the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, special guests, and all other attending the function.

Raj Bhawan officials said that the new Governor had earlier formed three ad hoc committees to suggest the new design and a final choice by made by seeking inputs from Vice Chancellors from various universities in Bihar.

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