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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, in his inaugural speech at the opening of Bihar's strongest building Sardar Patel Bhawan, the new headquarters of the Bihar police, ripped his own state law enforcement agency insinuating it had failed to perform its duties leaving the citizens in the hands of the God to protect them.

{gallery}newsimages2018/oct/101318{/gallery}"Here I am, giving all latest facility and technological resources to the police department and what are they doing? Leaving everything in the hands of God and criminals," the Chief Minister thundered.

In a speech that was designed to denigrate the police officials at all levels on a day that was expected as a day of celebration and enjoyment, Kumar said that he was fully aware of what was going on in the name of prohibition and how the cops were working in collusion with liquor smugglers.

"Don't think I don't know what's going on in Bihar in the name of prohibition. I am also aware of the overall law and order situation in the state. Some of you may remember what had happened to the entire police department when there was one incident involving a woman on a Patna street," the Chief Minister said alluding to some incident without providing much detail of it.

Continue to lecture the police force, the Janata Dal – U leader who has been hit by criticism from all sides over spiraling crime situation, preached about earning the love and trust of the public by surrendering themselves to the welfare of the people of Bihar.

"If you just pay attention to what I am saying and follow up on my suggestions, you can bring major social change in Bihar. People have very high hopes from you and you must live up to the expectations to win the trust of the people because we take care of those who take care of others," Kumar went on with his rant.

Talking about the new 'almost impregnable' new police headquarters, the Chief Minister said that the building was estimated to cost Rs. 337 crore but was completed in Rs. 320 crore only thus saving Rs. 17 crore in the process.

"This is a one-of-a-kind facility where you have a brand-new environment to sit down and come up with effective plans to curb crime in Bihar and to strategize on eradicating corruption from the society. Don't just treat this building as some sort of a fortress; use it for the benefit of the people. Here you should hold a weekly meeting with people's representatives to understand problems plaguing them and also meet with other para-military agencies to coordinate with their efforts in checking crime in the state.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister also remotely inaugurated 109 police stations across the state.

As reported previously, the new state police headquarters named Sarda Patel Bhawan is billed as 'the strongest building in Bihar' designed to withstand earthquake up to nine on Richter scale and can provide power to the entire building for nine days in case of a massive power outage thanks to its internal power generator facility.

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