Patna: With Bihar once again facing acute draught condition and flood in many districts wreaking havoc to millions of people in the state, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, as in the past 14 years, huddled with his top officials on Saturday to declare that he was 'very serious' about finding a solution for the current plight while directing the bureaucrats to remain alert of further worsening of the situation.

"Make all arrangements to alleviate condition in the affected areas by August 15 and we will meet again on August 18 to review the ground situation," Kumar, who had 14 years to find a permanent solution to this bane of Bihar, said on Saturday.

The Chief Minister, relying on the power of video-conferencing with District Magistrates and other babus, ordered them to get together with concerned ministers and chief secretaries on August 3 to discuss draught and flood condition in their respective districts.

Blaming it on the environment and climate change, Kumar said that at least ten districts in Bihar had received less than normal rainfall while nine others had received a lot more than normal resulting in draught in some areas while flooding in others.

"We are faced with threats from two sides. On one hand, we have draught and on the other, we have area under flood threat. If we have to survive, we must fix the environment," he said adding the advices and suggestions to deal with the environment being received by his government is being dealt at the chief secretary level and based on their findings, a concrete plan will be formulated by August 15 to deal with the situation," the Chief Minister said.

Kumar further said that the government was planning to launch statewide awareness plan to stop misuse and waste of water in Bihar and the idea of stopping climate change was unanimously approved by a group of legislators during the eight-hour marathon meeting on July 13.

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