Patna: With water level in Bihar rivers rising at an alarming rate thanks to heavy downpour in the state in the last few days, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday visited the Ganga ghats in Patna to review the flood threat.

The Chief Minister first arrived at the Digha Ghat where he surveyed the level of water and the current ordering officials to keep an eye on them for the next few days when more rain is expected to fall. He then drove to Hajipur and looked at the water level and flow current of the river Gandak.

On his way back to Patna, he asked his driver to stop the car near Pillar Number 30 of the Gandhi Setu from where he surveyed the water level of the Ganga. He then proceeded to Gandhi Ghat where he held a talk with the engineers who assured him that the administration was fully prepared to deal with any situation.

Talking to the reporters, Kumar said that the situation was not as dire as reported, situation could change in a few days.

Nitish Kumar surveying flood situation in Ganga.

"Twelve districts around Ganga in Bihar were affected severely during the 2016 flood. The situation this time is not that serious but no one can predict what would happen in the next few days. I will conduct an aerial survey of Ganga up to Buxar tomorrow and will take action accordingly. The Disaster Management and Water Resources Department are monitoring the situation closely along with other concerned departments," he said.

The Chief Minister also surveyed the so-called 'protection wall' between Gandhi Maidan and Digha Ghat to ensure the areas that allow pedestrians to walk through were properly fortified and ready to deal with rising level of water.

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