Patna: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Bihar that is now looking at the option to show the door to its partner Janata Dal – U and its leader and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to seize complete control of the state, on Thursday blamed its own administration for failing to prevent the state capital from flooding despite warnings by the weather officials.

Senior BJP leader Giriraj Singh on Wednesday said that the Bihar government owed an apology to the people of Patna who were the victims of this year's water-logging like the city had never seen before.

Without mentioning any names, Singh, who is said to have his eyes on the Chief Minister's post in the event Nitish Kumar is forced out of power, said that the government must apologize to the people of Patna for making them undergo this harrowing experience of their lives.

"Some people are blaming it (flooding in Patna) on the climate change while others are blaming the meteorological department for not issuing warning ahead of the disaster. The fact is, the government has failed the citizens and must apologize to them for that," Singh, known for his controversial utterances, said.

It may be recalled that some in his own party had blamed this year's epic rain to the way stars, moons, and other heavenly bodies had aligned.

The Lok Sabha member from Begusarai further said that when the rain began flooding the streets of Patna, the administration failed to utilize its machinery.

"Had they paid attention to the warnings; the government could have taken measures to minimize the impact of rain. People of Patna had put their trust in the BJP-led NDA government but we failed to live up to their expectations and therefore, we owe them an apology," he said.

Earlier, the MP had accused the Nitish government of massive corruption in flood relief operation and had insinuated that massive irregularities were taking place right under the nose of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

It may be recalled that Sanjay Paswan, another BJP leader in Bihar with a controversial past, had earlier said that Nitish Kumar was in power for nearly 15 years and it was time the state had a BJP leader as its Chief Minister.

The idea, much to the discomfort of Nitish Kumar, had since gained traction as it was first supported by senior party leader and former Union Health Minister Dr. C P Thakur and later followed by others like Giriraj Singh.

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