Home Burglarized; Thieves Leave Nasty Note on the Mirror

Burglary at a Kankarbagh home on late Sunday night.

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Patna: After the usual four days of lull in the crime situation in Bihar on account of Chhath, burglars hit a home in the PC Colony under Patrakar Nagar police station in Patna on late Sunday night and made do with cash, jewelries, and other properties to the tune of Rs. 60 lakh.

According to the police, thieves hit the home of Paritosh Kumar Sinha, a book publisher, after slapping padlocks from outside on the doors of adjacent homes so they could turn their victim's home upside down without being interrupted.

Thieves leave nasty message on the mirror.At the time the crime was committed, Sinha and some of his family members were in Nalanda to take part in Chhath festival at his ancestral home.

Before leaving, the criminals ate some sweets and other food items from the refrigerator and left with jewelries worth over Rs. 60 lakh, two combination safes, and a digital recording system attached to the surveillance cameras. They also walked away with a can of mustard oil, an induction stove, sugar, flour and some other grocery items.

Before leaving, they locked the house from outside so no one could come out and raise an alarm.

Family members said Sinha and four of his brothers live in the same apartment building along with some other tenants but most were gone to Nalanda with only the wives and children of two brothers staying behind.

When people in the neighborhood saw the locks on many homes, they called the police and only then it was discovered the home of Sinha had been burglarized.

Police brought a dog squad but it failed to come up with any credible evidence.

Interestingly, before leaving, the thieves, using a lipstick, left a message on the mirror stating the woman of the house and 'mummy ji' were very nice but the man of the house was a (expletive word).

Police are investigating the case from various angles, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Garima Malik said.


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