Ara: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday kicked off the two-day 100th anniversary celebration of Bihar Mounted Military Police (BMMP) at the MMP Ground in Ara in the presence of senior police officials and other bureaucrats.

On the occasion, Kumar unveiled a statue of a mounted police made of steel and wrought iron and also took the guard of honor from the MMP jawans.

The Chief Minister then took the opportunity to honor a handful of MMP jawans with awards and mementos for bringing laurel to the state in national and inter-state horse-riding competitions.

Kumar later watched an exhibition of pictures depicting the history of the MMP.

The Chief Minister, in his speech, touted his administration's record on crime fighting and law and order in Bihar despite only marginal let-up in crime in his regime.

He also highlighted the importance of the mounted police saying despite advancement in crime-fighting technology, the presence of cops on horses had their own place in the law enforcement agencies.

Kumar then talked about the police academy in Rajgir saying the facility was one of the best in the nation with the ability to train 4,000 recruits at a time. He also mentioned the newly-built Sardar Patel building in Patna, the state police headquarters, saying it was strong enough to endure an earthquake of nine on the Richter Scale.

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