Human being’ and the rights guaranteed to him are the most important thing in this world. The benefit of presumption of innocence of the accused person till the time he is actually found guilty at the ending of a trial, is one of the basic tenets of our legal system. The norms of criminal law is that “if a thousand people may get acquitted, one innocent person should not be punished”. An unlawful arrest of an individual can be a violation of Article 21 of Constitution of India.

The act of frequent hand-washing is supposed to ward off the virus of COVID-19 pandemic. They say the rubbing of hands with sanitizers further minimises the strength of the virus to infect. Naturally, then, the people have started nurturing those habits following the Govt's order or the doctors' advice throughout the world.

I am sure you may have seen the Year 2020 Survey ( that came out recently. Such are the dubious accolades that Bihar collects most of the time. Such accolades undoubtedly help dish out the denigrated look and treatment in states where Biharis work hard in low paying jobs.

In the last few years, all of a sudden, we have become very much conscious about our religion as if religion is something which was borne out yesterday. For me, we are living in a world full of ignorance or for that matter, we do not want to live in reality. Illusions console us and we use it as a cocoon.

As States race against each other to inch closer to development, Bihar is assumed to be one of the participants that is thought to be lagging. I’m acknowledging my bias here too, because I had similar notions about Bihar. It is the least literate state in India with a literacy rate of 63.82%.

Bihar is a state of cultural heritage, of saints and sages, of forts and temples, of pilgrimages, where one can easily find the coexistence of different religion and culture which has mingled throughout these years.