Practices and Sayings (Traditions) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on hygiene, sanitation and treatment of diseases by medicine are called Prophetic Medicine (Urdu, Tibbe Nabvi). About fifty Traditions (Arabic, Ahadith ) on specific ailments and their remedies have been grouped together under the Chapter called Kitab-al-Tibb (Book of Medicine) of well-known collections of Ahadith by Bukhari and others.

While both the electronic and print media in India are free enough to report truth and comment on the facts in reported incidents and relevant stories, are they free enough to comment on matters related to behavior of members of a state legislature?

Pope Benedict-XVI, head of Catholic Church will bid adieu and who will take his place has become a matter of debate in the Catholic Church. His sudden resignation has surprised the whole Catholic world.

Corruption in India is indeed a major issue which does affects India's economy. It is dragging the whole country down. The more the corruption, the slower the economic growth.

Who doesn’t love his country? Who doesn’t love his soil? Just think of how tough it would be even thinking of self exile. When it comes to reality it’s painstaking. We can feel the bleeding emotions for those who were forced to self exile for whatever reason being good or bad.

Recent controversy on refusal of Padma Bhushan from renowned southern playback singer S. Janaki has opened up a new debate. Should these renowned people from different fields decide themselves what award they deserve? Haven’t they insulted all by declining it?

Politicians can go to any low when it comes to vote bank. The recent shameful example is Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh.

It's very cushy to take goody-goody path for celebrities to address about social evils but the reality inside is excavated. Recent order of the Supreme Court to Amitabh Bachchan to pay Rs. 1.66 crores which he owes to IT Department for KBC unearths the reality.