Bihar is a state of cultural heritage, of saints and sages, of forts and temples, of pilgrimages, where one can easily find the coexistence of different religion and culture which has mingled throughout these years.

Recently a video of Bettiah Medical College where a Corona patient had revealed the truth of the medical facility had gone viral. He told that there was no cleanliness in the hospital at all. Dogs were present in the ward and the hospital lacked adequate doctors and nurses.

COVID has brought everyone’s life to standstill. People are fatigued and desperately want to get back to life what it used to be 2019. Everyone is awaiting the magic shot that will get their life back to normal. Everyone has the same question in mind, by when will the vaccine be ready? Getting anything by this year-end seems to be quite an optimistic view, experts suggest that spring 2021 can be the best-case scenario for this.

Just a couple of months ago before the lockdown started, the dominant political buzz in Bihar was about second-guessing the viable alternative to Nitish Kumar. Three plausible scenarios were offered – a BJP led coalition with local parties; Prashant Kishore-managed third front roping in the leaders like Owaisi, Kanhaiya and others; and RJD-led existing alliance.

After more than 2 months long lockdown in India which is now termed as the world's most expansive lockdown, we have entered the stage of unlock-1. The Pandemic continues to take its toll and the economy has torpefied. The government now has the dual task to fight the pandemic and deal with the economy.

The current Covid-19 Crisis has the potential to derail all the gains of the immediate past in Bihar unless the government embraces this chaotic order and uses it as a stepping stone to redefine structural aspects of governance and economy with specific reference to the migrant labourers.

With complete lockdown in 3 stages there has been a vexing question on the government on how to reopen the economy and the education. The pandemic is still evolving and the government is brainstorming on how to gingerly reopen without the risk of reigniting the infection. There is also a pressing question for us on how prepared are we to work while still social distancing.

In a recent address to the nation, the Prime Minister asked the country to work towards being “atmya nirbhar” or self-sufficient. The address came in the backdrop of a continuous lockdown which in turn has caused enormous economic losses. This would not be the first time a leadership within the country would have called for such an act.