During a recent trip to Bihar, I discovered that only fifty km from the capital city of Patna is a city and a district named after Bakhtiar Khilji, the ruthless killer who destroyed Nalanda and other centers of learning, burning over ten thousand scholars alive in the process.

An era in political and social life of Bihar came to an end on December 19th with the passing away of Bihar's revered 'Bachchi Jee' (Kishori Sinha). It marked the end of a spectacular socio-political journey of more than seven glorious decades of a stateswoman who stood tall among her contemporaries.

India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic Republic. Fortunately our democracy has been successful during all these years largely because of the fact that the people in general are secular, tolerant and law abiding. As a matter of fact, success of secular democracy, a sacred principle, depends on the wisdom and sagacity of the people. It is unfortunate that sometimes during elections people indulge in divisive activities based on religion, caste and creed.

Bihar Chief Minister came up with the complete ban of alcohol whether consumed, sold, or stored in April 2016. Also violators would be imprisoned for 5-10 years. This decision enraged many thinkers across the country as a lot many found it to be atrocious and display of muscle power by Nitish Kumar.

Much have been said and written about the state of education in Bihar describing the causes and effects elucidating shambolic state of its education system.

The controversy over granting Minority Status to Aligarh Muslim University (AMI) is unfortunate and unwarranted. In this connection an article by well known legal luminary of India Shri N. R. Madhava Menon (published on 22nd Feb. 2016 in a National English Daily)) throws much light on the historical and secular reasons for granting special status to the University and explains "Why AMU should be an exception."

The flutter created by Kanhaiya's speech all over the media and social media space shouldn't be surprising. In this age and time getting frenzy over things is the easiest thing to do. No doubt the speech was sharp, eloquent blending extempore with sincerity peppered with a tint of humor and sarcasm.

मेरा अक्सर, भारत यात्रा के दौरान, विभिन्न शहरों में जाना होता है. या तो अपने निजी कामों के कारण इन शहरो में जाना होता है या फिर किसी सेमिनार या कांफ्रेंस में अपने एकेडमिक कामों के कारण. इसी यात्रा के क्रम में, अपने अपने कार्य क्षेत्र में विशिष्ट योगदान देने वाले कई लोगों से क़रीब से मिलने, कुछ जानने और साथ ही उन से कुछ सीखने का भी मौक़ा मिलता है.

The state which just crossed over the assembly election has been witnessing agitation all around and most interestingly, none of them is for political reasons. The state witnessed the closure of shops frequently, this fortnight against the coercive revenue generating measures of the government.