Lockdown and COVID are the two undisputed calamities which has jolted the entire world. Indian economy was already derailed with array of complicated financial modifications in the earlier years.

Corona has changed the way people live. Today, they are fighting financial as well as social problems because they do not have money for their basic needs.

Artisans constitute an important segment in Indian society. They represent the single largest element of continuity of the Lokavidya or the living traditions of sciences and technologies. There are approximately 7 million artisans in India engaged in the production of crafts for their livelihood. The global crafts market presents a golden opportunity for Indian craftsmen. The number of handicraft buyers have increased. Life of artisans are getting critical day by day due to middle men and coronavirus. They are trapped in the circumstances of starvation.

Uthhan has launched a campaign for Artisans in India on August 15th, 2020 named "Adopt an Artisan, Save our Culture" for the betterment of artisans. In this campaign any volunteers, customers, social activists or students can come up and raise an artisan family by sponsoring or volunteering them.

Sponsors can show their support by donating raw materials, tools, education, clothes, smartphones, laptops, insurance, medicines and consumables. Sponsors can also order/supply food for the struggling artisans directly.

Uthhan is a social initiative to help Indian artisans in various ways such as giving them sales, showcasing their handicraft items on their Uthhan eCommerce platform, training, raw materials, etc. Team Uthhan has reached the first phase of helping 200+ artisan families within 1 month from the date of launch.

Every week, Uthhan is helping more than 10 artisan family through this campaign. Your help can feed and bring happiness to the artisan families. More than 20000+ artisan families are struggling across India and they need your help and support. Let us join together and make a difference in the life of our Indian artisans. No cash payments are accepted for the campaign since the aim is to give the benefits directly to artisans without any middlemen. Many college students across India also joined in the campaign. You can login to uthhan.org to register as a volunteer or sponsor to support the underprivileged artisans in your area.