I wanted to let you know that we consider Yogurt a sanctified and Satwick food. Hindus offer it to our Gods together with Gangajal and Tulsi. We use the yogurt bought from US grocery stores and don't even think about what it contains in it.

To make yogurt thick and look well set, the yogurt manufacturers add "Gelatin". Most of us think that gelatin is a vegetable derived product. Most of us probably think that gelatin is a vegetable derived product. Unfortunately, it is derived from animals. Skins of animals such as pig, cattle and their bones are processed to produce gelatin!

I have pointed this out to Dannon and other manufacturers and suggested that they use guvar gums, and agar instead - two well-known vegetable derived thickeners. But they are keeping silent about it.

Indian grocery product manufacturers know this fact and that is why it says on their yogurt (e.g., Gopi Brand) container - "does not contain gelatin". We have stopped using US grocery bought yogurt for this reason.

I just wanted to bring it to your attention and maybe your readers can decide for themselves. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.