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The Health Department is working towards providing health care “to the last household and to the last person of the state”, .i.e., the Govt. Of Bihar is totally committed to building healthy people by making available quality medicare facilities at the doorstep of every citizen in the remotest corner of the state.

These are the golden words one may come across through the every document of the Department of Health, government of Bihar. You may also find similar claims on the website, its official website.

The state government in Bihar praises itself as an icon of 'good governance' at every next occasion. But doing the same in almost every official document seems rather cheap. At one can get tired of the repetition of term 'susasan'.

Anyway, there is a mammoth budget allocation for the health service sector in Bihar. For the year 2013-14 the expenditure for health sector is estimated at Rs. 3356.84 crore excluding the 410 crore for center aided schemes, adding which touches to the tune of Rs. 3766.83 crore.

The epitome of health services in Bihar is undoubtedly none other than the Patna Medical College Hospital or PMCH. Despite this fact, the situation here is horrific. Like other government hospitals, there is a great shortage of beds and other basic facilities. Even toilets, drinking water, bed and bed-sheets are not available. Medicines are either not available despite the fact there is a pre-printed list of generic medicines to be prescribed by the doctors. These medicines are supposed to be in stock anytime. But the reverse is the case. The hospital mafia works here in connivance with medical representatives of various companies and hence patients get discouraged after hours of queuing-up to their turn.