The Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) and United Christian Democratic Forum (UCDF) have named Church authorities of conspiring to include them in the Scheduled Caste list, which they said is not acceptable to Dalit Christians.

In an open letter to His Holiness Pope Francis and Church Authorities, I, as the PCLM President, along with Advocate George Tomas, Rev. Ashwini Kumar, and P. B. Lomeo, have said that Dalits converted to Christianity prefer to preserve their dignity, and are willing to forgo the Scheduled Caste tag.

We demand compensation for the 30 million Dalit Christians who have suffered heavy economic losses by foregoing reservation and converting to Christianity to get respect and dignity in the Christian society.

At the all India level, the Church flaunts that it has 22 percent education institution and funding and 30 percent health monopoly. Thus, it has resources almost at par with the Government of India. If the Church has such an enormous power why are the Dalit Christians not even getting the crumbs?

Today, the Catholic Church Governance has six Cardinals, 30 Arch Bishops, 170 Bishops, 822 Major Superior and 25000 priests and over a lakh nuns.

The surprising element is that in this huge administrative structure the number Dalit Christians holding of any importance cannot be counted on the fingers too. Efforts to put Dalit Christians yet again in the scheduled Caste list would promote casteism in Christianity. It’s a mockery of Jesus Christ’s birth as “Saviour” in Bethlehem.