Our House Needs Improvement

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In many parts of the world it is summer, and this means home improvement time. Our house, India, certainly needs mending. Just since last summer nearly 50% more children have been reported as malnourished. Commonwealth Games and 2G spectrum scams have gained momentum. More than 18 individuals have been sentenced to life for the 2002 Gujarat riots massacre. Violence has broken out in Assam. Power outages have left millions without power. Many people perished in the Brahmaputra River when a ferry capsized. People have died in stampedes, in traffic accidents, and due to hot weather. The list of rapists gets longer.

Our citizens are our assets, but some are shaming us; and that "some" includes rapists. They are responsible for raping our mothers, daughters, and female visitors from other nations. They are ruining the lives of victims and their families, as well as India’s reputation. Can we wrap up the cases against them in courts and put them on pyres and perform their last rites this summer?

Several hundred people, wildlife, and livestock have died due to record-breaking temperatures in the states of Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. Many communities are also hurting from an ongoing deforestation and improper land use. Can we plant trees and shrubs this summer?

Overall more road deaths occur in India than in any other countries. Isn’t it heart breaking to learn when a parent’s only child dies in an accident when the child attempted to cross a road, or the child’s school bus was crushed at a railroad crossing or hit by a truck? Can we fix deadly railroad signals and roads and educate drivers this summer?

Jointly, we can perform many other projects this summer, such as cleaning up rivers, slums, and garbage dump sites. We can feed malnourished children and help the sick and disabled. Together we can assist militarily families. We can install barriers around popular places that help form lines and prevent crush. Collectively, we can teach and live in harmony. Together, in fixing India, we strengthen meliorism.

Do we need a handyman or woman, meaning a political leader? No, we don’t. We need people between 19 and 69 to fix our home from Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat. What do they need to bring? Patriotism.


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