BJP Candidate Narendra Modi

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has declared that if both the party and its coalition partners combine to win a majority in Parliament in the 2014 election, then Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India. The announcement came on Friday the 13th of September, 2013.

Narendra Modi is 63 years old and has been Gujarat State Chief Minister since 2001. People affectionately call him NaMo, and he is very popular among three groups in particular: Hindus, business owners, and young people.

Hindus think NaMo will protect them from Muslims if clashes break out between the two communities. Similarly and more importantly, they think he will keep Muslims in line.

Industry leaders say Modi will welcome new startups and foreign corporations, and at the same time reduce government red tape and bottlenecks for businesses.

Young people orate Narendra Modi is an orator, and praise his idea on the need of “development” of India. He touts how he “developed” Gujarat.

Historically, all past Prime Ministers have used “development” as the key to move India forward. Their efforts, however faulty, have currently put India in a position to be considered one of the strongest nations on the planet, an impressive achievement to say the least.

On February 27, 2002, a year after he became Chief Minister, Modi faced a crisis. A mob of Muslims set a train on fire near the Godhra railway station, burning many of the mostly Hindu women and children passengers alive. Hindus and Muslims immediately turned against each other and conflicts resulting in bloodshed and the loss of life erupted.

To NaMo’s credit, the state has been peaceful since the incident. However, his critics continue to question his role in the conflict. Was he or was he not an active participant in preventing or perpetuating, or both, the bloodshed that followed the Godhra train massacre? Modi knows the answer to this, but he is a polarizing figure, and for his own reasons he will not come clean on this issue.

Last year three ministers of the Karnataka state resigned. They were caught watching an adult video on a mobile phone during an assembly session in the capitol building.

Should the public elect politicians who have done shameless things or tainted their reputation in this manner?

Last December, six Delhi rapists lured a 23-year-old girl and her male friend into a bus as they were heading home in the evening from a movie hall. In the bus, the rapists tied up the man and raped the young girl. They penetrated a metal rod into her private parts, causing immense internal injuries that lead to her death. One rapist committed suicide, four were sentenced to death, and an 18-year-old juvenile is currently spending three years in a rehabilitation home.

Will any family or company hire this young man after he is released from the reform facility?


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