Bomb Blasts at Election Rally

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In the city of Patna on October 27, 2013, several bombs were detonated at a public square where hundreds of thousands of people gathered to hear the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Narendra Modi speak.

It appears as if attackers wanted to disrupt the rally and send the message that they do not want the party to win the 2014 election. They probably thought that if they set off multiple bombs, killed many people, and created a chaos and a stampede, then the election rally organizers would cancel the address. Well, nothing of the sort happened, and the election rally went on as planned. Unfortunately, and needlessly, six people died and over 90 were injured.

The terrorists gained a little, but at the same time lost a lot. One of the terrorists died in the act, and the remaining will soon be hanged. The families of the killed and injured are now more likely to vote for the BJP. They strengthened, not weakened, the party and Modi.

If future saboteurs do not want the BJP, or any other political parties, to win an upcoming election, they should abandon the bombs and bullets and experience the magic power of the ballot box. Even better, they join the rest of the civilized world, just as how sane workers and voters work to defeat their opponents.

Here is one way. People need to work together at a grass roots level to find individuals who are qualified, highly educated, knowledgeable, and respected for his/her accomplishments. Select one person from each district after screening a number of the villages, towns, and cities that make up the district. Surely, people will be able to find 550 such qualified individuals out of 121 crore (1.21 billion) people! Thereafter let the candidates picked by the people run against the political party-picked candidates. If everyone works hard and sacrifices, they will be able to defeat any individual, any party, and any political machine.

In India, many Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of State Legislative Assemblies (MLAs), and Chief Ministers are professional politicians who have been in politics their whole life. They know nothing other than running for reelection and trying to hold onto power. Throw these rascals out!

Our economic, domestic, defense, and foreign policies all need the best team in Parliament. Just look at a small partial list of our monumental problems: falling rupee, stagflation (stagnant economy and inflation), budget deficit, trade deficit, unemployment, anemic agricultural and industrial production, black money, out of control monetary and fiscal policies, corruption, inadequate health care, illegal use of child as labor, suicides among farmers and students, inadequate safety for our citizens and homeland, poverty, and on and on.

Regrettably, those who are competent do not lead us, and those who are leading aren’t competent. It is time for everyone to come together and make a change.


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