Energy Saving is as Good as Producing Energy

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Energy is necessity. Energy is the currency for growth of any nation and it decides tide of any economy at global level. Increasing the production of energy to sustain the ever increasing demand is obvious concern for any country.

There has been a plethora of discussion about various methods of energy production. However, I am going to draw readers’ attention to the cheapest energy – energy need not be produced in the first place. Yes, energy saved is better as well as cheaper than energy produced.

Other than practicing energy saving habits, increasing the efficiency of systems consuming huge amount of energy is of paramount importance. Energy efficiency is “using less energy to provide the same service”. Despite the cacophony of use of renewable and clean energy such as solar energy, wind energy etc., there has been hardly any emphasis on increasing the efficiency and it remains a massively underutilized energy resource.

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) put India at 11th place in a recent energy efficiency ranking. Germany topped the list which included 16 of the world’s major economies responsible for 71 percent of global energy consumption. Around 70 percent of electricity in India is generated from coal. Efficiency of electricity production from coal is approximately 27 percent for India while it is 34 percent for world. It is beyond above 40 percent for countries like Austria, Denmark, and Japan.

Even power or electricity transmission and distribution losses in India are about 25 percent which is almost five times of losses in the developed countries. The transport sector represents the largest energy consuming sector not only in India but also worldwide. In India, railway is synonymous with transportation and even common people know the plight of this transportation sector. Hardly there is any innovation in this sector since the British time.

A country with high levels of energy efficiency, using less energy to achieve the same or better results does not only reduce costs and pollution but also supports a stronger, more competitive economy. For energy starved countries like India, increasing energy efficiency have to be the pillar of its energy security and sustainability plan alongside the expansion of renewable energies. It is the time for change, time for adoption of better and efficient ways in order to march into clean and green era.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Dr. Siddharth Suman is a freelancer writing especially on societal issues, science, and education in both Hindi and English for various online media houses. In addition, he loves to write poetry and short story for the expression of personal emotions and thoughts. His poetry book titled 'Evaporating Soul — between love and life' may be read at Kindle.


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