This piece is illustrative and lays no claim to factual authenticity.

1. Mukesh Ambani forms a company in 2008 to take advantage of offsets provision in the new DPP-2005. Finally, in 2012 Dassault signs MOU with him. That is Direct Marketing

2. Sanjay Bhandari too forms a company, Offsets India Ltd the same year for the same purpose - a piece of the Offsets pie in defence deals. But he withers away - that is competition

3. PM recommends Anil Ambani to Hollande - that is advertising

4. Anil Ambani signs an investment deal with Julie Gayet, female partner of Hollande - that is public relations

5. Dassault sees a 12-day old Anil Ambani firm and strikes a deal - that is brand recognition.

6. Rahul Gandhi cries foul - that is customer feedback

7. HAL executives anxiously wait outside the room where Mr. Hollande is hosting a meet with Mr. Modi. After sometime both emerge with Anil Ambani in tow - that is entry barrier and competition eating into existing market share.

8. The leaders make a joint announcement of purchase of 36 jets instead of the earlier deal of 126 - that is demand supply gap.

A R Mishra, Patrakar Nagar, Patna