With the advent of science technology, the world is shrinking day by day in terms of accessibility and communications. To reinforce the view, I would like cite a simple example that you can reach London from India in six hours, for which it used to take days and months in the past.

It used to take several days for a letter to be delivered here or there. It was a similar case for all overseas communications. But thanks to the development of the modern science and technology, the speed of communications has become surprisingly much faster than expected. You can interact with someone in a foreign country in real-time or even within this vast country, using resources of today's telecommunications.

What is worth mentioning here is that the language used in such a rapid development of communications is English, which is gaining traction increasingly. English is said to be a language of modern science, technology and development. Hence, if you love technology, you need to love English also without which you will have a communication gap on many occasions and embarrassing situations at times.

In the modern era, you don’t want to use a bullock-cart, you like trains, buses or flights, don’t you? So, to say you fancy developments. The future of the English language is relative to technological advancement and development. According to research, English is the fastest growing language in the world. It accounts for more than 80% of the data available in different forms of varied domains.

The maxim- Vasudev Kutumbkam has purely been India's concept. The very concept of the global village is fortified by the use of English. Many regional languages may go into extinction in years to come but English will thrive given that it has an edge over other languages.

A survey conducted by Pratham, an NGO reveals a startling fact that more than 50% of engineering graduates are unemployable because of their poor communication skills in English. It poses a threat to their employment even within the country.

According to a survey, a person well-equipped with English skills earns as more as 40% in terms of money than those who are deprived of such skills. Even an English medium journalist earns more money than those employed with vernaculars for the same position. To you, it may look awkward. Many may raise their eyebrows. But the fact is a fact. So, what is advisable for you to do?

You need to harness your English communication skills and keep pace with the time otherwise you will be left behind in the race of the competitive era of life. If you get entrapped into jingoism often provoked by so-called leaders with a thin veneer of nationalism, you are going to harm yourself. Of course, you should have a commanding knowledge of your mother tongue and Hindi. Remember, you must be the master of own wills and an author of your future. Don't get galvanized into believing something that does not suit your career plan you may have thought of.

The growing tendency of parents sending their children and wards to English medium schools is a testimony to the fact that English is gaining currency in India and the future lies in it. However, you need to be competent enough in at least three languages in adherence to the ‘Three Language Formula’ enacted by the Government of India years ago. There is no denying that English has always got the edge over other languages of the world.

Suppose you dream of being a pilot or any other professionals. Can you get success in realizing your dream, doing away with English? You may land in the soup if you continue to be ignorant of this language. Now English communication is a skill so much so that it has become a life skill besides a potential employability skill. Hence, if you want to live a comfortable life without facing any embarrassment, you should master this language. This will not get in the way to your culture if you are a person of strong conviction towards your traditions and ethnicity.

Your good English will ensure that you get paid higher and earn more respect from the people around.

Dr. Birbal JhaDr Birbal Jha is a noted author and Managing Director of Lingua Multiservices Pvt Ltd. He is credited as creating a revolution in English training in India with slogan ‘English for all’.