The unprovoked yet violent attacks recently carried on a team of doctors and paramedics on duty in Indore and other places in the country must be condemned by all quarters in the strongest possible words. Furthermore, to set a precedent and send across a strong message, a quick and stringent action on part of the government must be taken against those erring hoodlums.

Next to Gods are doctors who act as saviors risking their own lives to save patients, more particularly during the epidemic coronavirus which is extremely contagious and unsparing to none. If the medical professionals are barred from, objected to and harassed for their work, it would be anybody’s guess as to what would happen in the country.

Anyone who inches closer to the persons infected with the COVID-19, they, too, will be very prone to the deadly virus which came to India via the people travelled abroad and contracted from others.

The rich, the poor, the high, the low, all alike are supposed to maintain social distancing, not mental distancing or social boycotting. That is a preventive measure. But then doctors and paramedics are put into services for the safety of the vast chunk of population at risk.

If these medical professionals for their no faults are targeted and victimized by those nincompoops who are blindfolded by their religious school of thoughts they are indoctrinated, the fight against corona will weaken on the hand and cases of the malady will spike to a new high. Thus, things may go out of control and the people may be trapped in a vicious circle which none of us would like to.

The remedial need is that the administrative body must swing into action and ensure that the law of the land is in place and adhered to in letters and spirits at any cost. During this world health emergency, those playing petty party politics are the enemies of the human race. They should not be spared either. The freedom of speech does not mean that one can add fuel to the fire of the pandemic that may kill masses.

Any individuals or outfits as such must be dealt with iron hands as per law. The lives of countrymen cannot be sacrificed on the altar of coronavirus by giving a free hand to a few political goons or religious bigots. The stern action is the only solution in sight in the COVID-19 fight.

A malady like a coronavirus knows no caste, creed or religion. It enters through the nose or mouth of those who come in physical contacts of those already afflicted with this virus which is highly contagious. It stands to reason the government has issued the advisory for all of us to stay home and avoid any public gathering during three-week lockdown till 14th of April 2020 to break the chain of spreading the corona. Using preventive Coronakit is very advisable.

However, during this, a huge infamous congregation of Tablighi Jamaat of thousands at Nizamuddin in New Delhi was spotted, found and evacuated with the shocking news of hundred of persons being coronavirus positive. Some of them died of it. Some are under medical treatment. Many are now scattered to the four winds with the possible virus with them. As many as more than 600 cases of those infected are directly linked to the Jamaat which could have been averted.

This poses a threat to the entire nation which is reeling under the tiny but fatal virus. Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies. People in common put a question to both of the Central Government and the Government of NCT of Delhi led by vocal Arvind Kejriwal as to how this a gigantic gathering took place, disobeying the law. They cannot parry this question but need to answer it.

Dr. Birbal JhaDr Birbal Jha is a noted author and Managing Director of Lingua Multiservices Pvt Ltd. having a popular trademark brand ‘British Lingua’. He is credited as having created a revolution in English training with the slogan ‘English for all’ in India. He has also been accorded the status of the ‘Youngest Living legend of Mithila’.