Patna: Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) leader Pappu Yadav, at a press conference in Patna on Sunday, lent support to the Congress-led Bharat Bandh on Monday saying he would support any movement that is in the interest of the common people.

"The entire country is the victim of the Center's bad economic policies and we are not going to sit idle doing nothing about it. We are supporting the bandh tomorrow and disrupt railway traffic across the state to make our point," the Madhepura MP, an experienced railway traffic disruptor, said.

Yadav also said he was suing the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Muzaffarpur for allowing attack on him during a recent rally in the district saying the SSP was part of the conspiracy to assassinate him.

"My motorcade was brutally attacked in Muzaffarpur with the intention to kill me. I told the SSP, the IG, and the office of the Chief Minister but the SSP refused to do anything about. I am filing a lawsuit against him for an amount of Rs. 2 crore. I am also planning to sue the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Janata Dal – U leaders for Rs. 10 crore each for misrepresenting the facts of the attack and tarnishing my reputation," the former RJD leader who spent a number of years in Delhi's Tihar Jail in connection with the murder case of CPI-M leader Ajit Sarkar, said.

Yadav said he would take up this matter with the High Court and the Parliament and demand answer from the Bihar government why two people were taken into custody in Muzaffarpur when no attack allegedly took place on his motorcade last week.

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