Patna: With pollution level in Patna soaring like never before and Air Quality Index at a dangerous level of over 400, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday summoned a high-level meeting of top bureaucrats to strategize on ways to provide relief from the toxic environment that is reducing the lifespan of the residents by many years.

During the meeting, it was decided to impose a ban on all government vehicles that were more than 15 years old.

Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar said that the ban will be enforced strictly on all government vehicles including transport buses and trucks owned by the state government that were older than 15 years.

"Some of these vehicles will be given a chance to pass the emission test and if they pass the test, they may be allowed to operated on Bihar streets," Kumar said.

As reported, Patna remains the most toxic city in Bihar and in the top 10 most polluted cities in the nation.

The Chief Minister had earlier asked the farmers not to burn crop stubbles to reduce pollution in the state but it is obvious it had no impact on the state's environment.

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