Patna: About 1200 Bihari migrant labors returned to their home state by a special train from Gujarat arriving at Danapur station on Friday evening.

Despite hardly any movement of trains on any railways divisions due to Coronavirus lockdown, the train from Godhra that was to reach Danapur at 1:00 pm arrived four hours late at 5:00 pm.

As the train carrying only migrant workers from Bihar arrived at the Danapur Junction, the entire station was sealed from outside allowing only designated railway and health officials to enter inside.

The passengers were instructed not to speak to fellow passengers until they were cleared of Coronavirus infection. Doctors and nurses sporting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) took temperature of every single persons arriving from Gujarat, one of the hotbeds of Coronavirus currently, including infants and children, and performed other COVID-19 tests to determine they were free from the virus.

Those who were found to show no signs of the deadly virus were allowed to proceed to the waiting buses that were to take them to their respective districts. Those who were found to have temperature above the normal were moved to a special section of the railway station where they were made to undergo more tests.

Passengers, however, complained about railways ignoring their needs for food and water throughout the long journey and even reported complete collapse of social-distancing inside the train compartments.

Railways officials said they would be investigating passengers complaints.

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