Bihar is a state of cultural heritage, of saints and sages, of forts and temples, of pilgrimages, where one can easily find the coexistence of different religion and culture which has mingled throughout these years.

The development in every filed in the last decade, whether it be education or transportation or industrialization, leading us to form a modern state of Bihar. Though I agree that the education needs to improve more and more so that we can stop, in near future, the migration of the students.

No one actually wants to leave his/her home until he/she is robbed out of opportunities. Same is the case with the students of Bihar. They migrate to other state in search of enlightenment, i.e., better education. The irony lies in the very fact that the students of the state from where Gautam Buddha got enlightenment, are wandering in search of education in other states. They are helpless. All they want is quality education which will fix their place in job sectors. Otherwise they will lag behind in the race only because they will be weighed on the parameter of education.

The labors of Bihar are already feeling the heat of mass exodus, certainly we will not want to repeat the same with the students. With the establishment of new Central universities in Bihar, we can hope for the improvement in education system at the higher education level. People of other states believe that apart from Civil Services, the students of Bihar cannot hold a satisfactory position. It's time to show them what a Bihari can do and what they are capable of doing. But, simultaneously, we need to keep in mind that we must serve Bihar even if we have been educated in other states. If we keep distance from our own state, saying that we cannot improve the system of Bihar, then it will remain the same old traditional Bihar. In such case, it will be like saying ‘savage’ to our own people and we will be ‘double colonized’ in our own state. We need to decolonize the mind of the youths of Bihar.

Development in every field is important in order to raise the status of our system. We need equal efforts in tourism, transportation, and industrialization. For me, tourism is the “Achilles’ heel” of Bihar. Tourism is the only way through which we can fascinate others states. Once they will visit the places, their thinking will definitely change and this is very practical rather than theoretical. Moreover, tourism will also help in strengthening of economic condition of our state. Even PM Modi in one of his famous speech said, “India will be successful when UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam and other parts of North East India are strengthened. India cannot develop till the eastern part of the country develops.”

We have recently seen how the mass evacuation of students of Bihar took place from other states. This must teach us a lesson. I will conclude with: Let’s bring back the students of Bihar. Let us take step forward for a modern state of Bihar.

Written by Shahrukh Khan, Araria, Bihar. Aliah University, Kolkata

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