Yes, we are millionaires. The problem is that some of us forget it.

We’ve often heard that rich people have large amount of assets. As you probably know, assets are productive objects that can bring us monetary benefits and enable us to obtain desired goods, services or other assets. The fact is, that we all have some highly productive assets that we won’t be willing to part with for any amount of money. These priceless assets are our bodies, our brains, and the life itself! Will we sell our hands for a huge amount of money?

We already possess these assets that are means to achieve all other external assets and solve our problems, if used correctly. The complexity and functioning of our body and brains suggests that our life and consciousness are well-designed miracles. But it seems that we realize the importance of good health, food, water, and shelter only when we lose them. In this viewpoint, it seems that other social animals like monkeys are better off than us.

Their worries are limited to their life processes and they maintain social relations with little place for greed or materialistic worries. They may not be highly civilized or technologically developed but they directly use the resources or assets that nature provides to them. So there is no rich or poor amongst them.

While reverting to that natural state of equality is not feasible for us, we must remember that we have been temporarily gifted the ultimate common resource called life, or consciousness, which can help us gain all other resources and we shouldn’t degrade it due to temporary worries or sadness.

Let us try to make our inner consciousness separate and immune to temporary stress or sadness and solve our problems logically. Lets also bring out our skills and creativity and concentrate on maintaining our health to make the most of this one time adventure called life.