The COVID-19 threat is one of the most serious threat of the 21st century. It has made life vulnerable in many ways. India is the second most populous country in the world after China. The health infrastructure of our country is not up to mark to deal with pandemic of this proportion.

During this period of turmoil, the government, the media and the administration should act responsibly.

Two-way fight - First, top to bottom and second, bottom to up mechanism.

Top to bottom comprises government, administration, civil society and common people, while bottom to up comprises mechanism adopted by common people to avoid unnecessary outing and gathering.

The idea behind social distancing is to cut the chain of virus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested Janata Curfew that must be followed not only for our own safety and security but also to support those individuals who are working 24×7 to tackle this crisis.

Rajani Kant Pandey
Assistant professor
Department of Political Science
Ram Dayalu Singh College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar