The deadly pandemic has spread almost all over the world and the world has come to a standstill. Every event is being cancelled/postponed as a safety measure to combat the pandemic. Recently ILO advised – "No matter where in the world or in which sector, the crisis is having a dramatic impact on the world’s workforce".

In this great emergency we can choose the following activities to enhance positivity among us and in society at large.

1. Exercise or Meditation: Exercise or meditation is good for health. It helps improve our immunity and relaxes our muscle and lungs. It also helps making our bones strong. So, in this lockdown as well, we all should take some time out for the betterment of our health and exercise or meditate daily early in the morning.

2. Reading Books of Interest: Reading books is a good habit. Reading not only helps in gaining knowledge but also improves our command on the topic. It helps boost our imagination power; helps in speaking the language better and without hesitation. Reading books and literature makes us aware with variety of information and innovations occurring around the world.

3. Inculcating Good Habits in Kids: As we all know that kids are the future of any nation. So, these future generations should be nurtured with utmost care and should be under a proper guidance. To make them a better person in future and to brighten the future, parents and elders should take the responsibility of inculcating good habits in the mind of the kids.

4. Exploring Hobbies: Every person, either a child or an adult, has some hobby which he or she loves to do. Either the hobby is painting, gardening, exploring new things or cooking; it’s the better way of utilizing our time. Being a Bihari, I have the hobby of cooking regional foods, and hence I’m exploring this hobby of mine in making Litti Chokha, which is a famous traditional food of Bihar.

5. Reconnect with Friends: Usually we are so busy in our daily hectic schedules that when it comes to giving time to near and dear ones, it becomes a tough task to keep the network alive. Many of our old mates whether it be old school friends or college friends it gets impossible to be in touch. Lockdown gives a golden opportunity to revive those relations and bonding.

6. Quality Time with Family: Spending time with family again becomes difficult task mostly during normal days and mostly possible only during weekdays. Children’s and elderly members of our family usually expect more attention from us which is not possible in the normal days. So again, lockdown gives us ample time at home to listen to them and take care of them as they need the most and are the most valuable assets of our lives.

7. Get Rid of Bad Habit: Getting rid of bad habits gets easier in lockdown because we get ample free time to think positive and refer to motivational and other responsible videos and articles and think about our lives in a positive way and divert our minds to the better and fruitful aspects leaving all evils behind.

8. Start Some Online Course: There are several university and institution providing very effective and variety of online courses free or with minimal fees. We can positively utilize the lockdown and join the courses to increase the professionalism and expertise.

9. Helping Neighbors/Needy: Many peoples might not be enjoying the lockdown; but we all are aware that we are comparatively better than many others, so it is our moral responsibility to ease the pain of sufferers and the heroes who are directly or indirectly involve in the war against COVID-19. From mere lip sympathy to multi-thousand concrete program like food packets, masks, sanitizers, soap distribution can be organized through the network of friends and colleagues.

10. Enhance religious information: Every religion preaches humanity, kindness, togetherness in our life, especially in difficult situation like pandemic COVID-19. We should enhance our religious teachings to implement them in our daily life, particularly in difficult circumstances to keep positivity alive.

Let us take our responsibility, be a law abiding citizen, be peaceful, be courteous, respect everyone, and spread positivity.

Ghulam Hamdani Khan
Wall Technology LLC
Dubai, UAE